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Dr. Cole is so competent and so capable of inspiring confidence in my dental treatment and dental health that I never dread going in to Boulder Perio, even when I suspect that something really bad has happened in my mouth and I’m not going to like the diagnosis. When that comes true just because of who I am, Dr. Cole easily leads me to understand that whatever outcome I am facing is professionally manageable for her and that I will be alright in her care. And I am.
So . . . WOW!!! Five stars!

jack t.

Dr. Cole and her team are the absolute best, bar none. I have a rough dental history, and have seen a bevy of dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, etc. throughout the years. Dr. Cole is my favorite. If you need solid care and a fantastic bedside manner, look no further. Best periodontist around, period.

galen s.

In the past 2 years I have had 2 sets of implants performed. Dr. Horrocks did sinus lift surgery in addition to preparing my jaw for implants in each case. He was assisted by Cheryl in all cases. Both the surgery and the implants could not have gone better. The customer care during the procedures was excellent: professional, caring, and personal. In all cases the recovery went smoothly, and involved very little pain to deal with. The finished implants have been successful and care-free. Thanks for making what could have been a difficult set of doctor visits a very pleasant experience.

glen p.

Dr. Horrocks and staff have been so wonderful. I have some rare health conditions and they were easy to talk to, helped ease my fears and I would recommend them...they've earned my trust, I think they're the best!

lori r.

I highly recommend Boulder Periodontics. I've had several procedures performed by Dr. Giles Horrocks; tooth removal, crown lengthening and an implant. Each surgical procedure was perfectly executed, and I had no problems afterwards. Giles is super nice and very charming. He patiently answered my many, many questions about each procedure. Cheryl, his lovely surgical assistant, is wonderful at making one feel at ease before surgery, and she was very comforting afterwards. I would like to mention Julie, Stacey and Shawna, who always greet me with a friendly and professional attitude. I appreciate them all explaining the ins and out of all the boring insurance stuff.

wendy a.

If you're in the unenviable position of needing periodontal work, make the best of the experience by having Dr. Giles Horrocks perform your procedure. He is simply superb - one of the best practitioners around, both locally and nationally. He also has a wonderful bed-side (or chair-side!) manner, which makes such a difference to folks like me, who once had a real phobia of dentists and dentistry. I've been his patient for well over a decade, and plan to continue in his care for as long as he continues to practice. And finally - no man is an island. I can't say enough for the excellent staff at Boulder Perio, whom I've known over the years: Cheryl, his first-rate surgical assistant; Wendy, a terrific hygienist; and the fabulous front desk trio of Shawna, Julie and Alayna. No one wants to need a periodontist, but if you do, Dr. Horrocks and his team should be your choice.

leigh ann d.

I love this place! Dr Cole is super professional , trustworthy and truly cares. The rest of the staff are extremely professional as well.

heidi j.

I just had gum grafting surgery from Dr Cole. Believe it or not I have to say my entire experience was amazing. I love her, her staff, her assistants everyone. Shawna at the front helped prep me for my surgery and spend nearly an hour on the phone with me answering all of my questions. The other gal at the front helped me with insurance and was just great. Audrey and Dr Cole made me feel so relaxed and were so professional. I was terrified of this surgery and now I feel like I'd do it all over again no problem if I had to. They are top notch! Oh and the surgery was a huge success my gums look and feel amazing-no more recession at all!

bridget l.

Dr. Horrocks performed full mouth laser-assisted gum surgery (LANAP) on me about five weeks ago and the results have been excellent. I had zero pain after the surgery (did not even need ibuprofen) and my gums have been getting healthier and stronger each week since. Friendly and efficient staff, no problem getting appointments, comfortable office. Highly recommended.

jim b.

My first review on Google and for sure a dental place. I was compelled because they were awesome!! Gum grafting-- yikes. I put this off for 3 years because I'm that girl that "hates" going to the dentist. They were really great, super compassionate, kind, professional and did I mention awesome. Thanks Dr. Cole and your wonderful staff.

dana d.

My dentist recommended that I have periodontal work done before having orthodontia. A tooth had to be pulled, and I needed a bone graft in my jaw. I had never before had any dental surgery, and was quite apprehensive. After my first visit with Dr. Cole I knew that everything would be fine. My results were excellent, and was able to have my lower front teeth straightened. I wouldn't consider going to anyone else as long as I live in Boulder.

frank s.

I recently had a gum graft done by Dr. Giles Horrocks and his highly skilled team. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. I was amazed by the lack of pain after such a treatment. I followed the advised after-surgery home treatment and have healed up quickly. Love the look of the repaired recession and take comfort in knowing that it will prevent recession for hopefully a long time!

Jacque Z.

I had gum surgery and an implant done by Dr. Horrocks and I could not be more pleased. His work is exceptional and the staff are warm and efficient. I felt so taken care of and had excellent follow up care.

Ursula u.

Dr Horrocks is an outstanding oral surgeon! He found a problem I had struggled with for over a year. I had seen multiple practitioners, and he discovered and solved the issue. He resolved the severe sinus issue caused by a tooth infecting my right sinus. He did so in an expeditious manner with very minimal pain or discomfort. I would highly recommend him for any periodontal needs. He and his staff are pleasant and efficient.


Excellent! When my 20 year old my daughter had an accident and lost 4 of her 6 top front teeth. Dr Horrocks and Dr Johann did an amazing job of restoring her beautiful smile and confidence. Dr H was professional kind and and extremely skilled. For 2 years he worked with our family. All the professionals that have seen her since have commented on the high quality of restoration that was done. The office staff was outstanding and continue to help us when needed. I cannot say enough about what a great human being and periodontist Giles Horrocks is and the the level of care my daughter received at a very difficult and complicated time.

debra l.

I have been a patient of Dr. Horrocks for nearly 20 years. As a result of gum disease, I have had a wide range of treatments from root scaling and planing to bone graft surgery, from extractions to dental implants. So I speak from experience. Dr. Horrocks is genuinely empathic and reassuring. He explains every step in a procedure which helps to put a patient at ease. He is conscientious and very thorough. This ensures prevention or minimization of any post-procedural complications. He has a gentleness about his technique that I have never experienced with any other dentist. Over the past 18 years, I have commuted to northeast Boulder from southwest Douglas County (a 3-hour round trip) for every periodontal treatment and quarterly cleanings and checkups. I remain loyal to Boulder Periodontics because Dr. Horrocks has not only preserved my teeth, he has improved my overall health and well being.

david w.

I've been to Dr Christine Cole for 2 periodontal grafts and my experience was excellent. I've had great results and she and her staff are professional and very friendly and warm. I am very glad I had the dental work done because my sensitivity is greatly improved. This was a very good experience and I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

cindy w.

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